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Since August 2015 we have been operating at 3 Children International (CI) locations around Lusaka. All are located in some of the poorest areas around the city, exactly where we want to be! We are currently providing foundational maths courses for approximately 600 students in Chiboyla, Kanyama and George compounds. We have also implemented a nutrition program and have seen both attendance and performance increase.  The program will expand as we take our Mobile Learning Centres to local community schools in the area. In 2015 the sponsor partner for this project was PestalozziWorld with CI, the location partner. CI became a sponsor partner in January 2016.

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Project Overview

Location Lusaka Townships of Chiboyla, Kanyama & George
Students on Program 600 students doing 3 hours per week
Program Objectives Foundational Maths Skills to support Grade 4 through Grade 12
Numeracy Courses Alpha, Bravo & Charlie Foundational courses
Location & Sponsor Partners Children International
Sponsor Model Pay for Progress‘ Model



“Mathematics was very difficult for me, but now that I am coming here it is becoming easier” – Student, Agnes Chewe, Grade 7 (Chiboyla)

“I think Edulution is helping the children at Kanyama. Some don’t go to school so Edulution helps them to learn the basics. Even the ones that go to school benefit more.” – Edulution Coach Patracia

“Edulution is improving my mathematics. We like it because we want to improve in school.” – Student, Joseph Mubita, Grade 11 (Kanyama)


Chibolya (CIC) has graduated many students from the alpha and bravo course since its start in July 2015. Edulution at CIC operates 4 days a week and is open to more than 200 children in the surrounding community. Learners come freely to morning or afternoon sessions each week when they do not attend their regular schools sessions in the community.


Children International’s George (CIG) centre has recorded some of our best test improvements across all of our centres. It has been open for Edulution sessions for more than a year and is reaching some young learners from impoverished backgrounds.


Kanyama (CIK) has logged thousands of hours of Khan Academy programing using Edulution’s tablets and technology. We have seen learners improve on average by 33% in a 120 day test cycle. Edulution has operated in Kanyama since September 2015. CI alumni have led the centre since it opened.

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